About Us

Our Mission

The mission of PS/MS 47Q, The Chris Galas School, is to work collaboratively with other educators, parents, and the Broad Channel Community to foster a safe and nurturing environment that meets the needs of ALL students. We will work together to teach students to take ownership of their own learning through the use of student led activities and productive struggle.

Community School District 27 at a Glance

District Mission Statement
The mission of Community School District 27 is to collaborate with stakeholders to reimagine our shared purpose and approach to teaching and learning as a springboard for equitable and quality instructional experiences that are grounded in data, social emotional learning, the science of reading, writing and the conceptual understanding of mathematical thinking, on al grade levels.
District Vision Statement 
In Community School District 27, all students have the knowledge and real world skills that deepen their understanding of the importance of global and civic citizenship and lifelong learning strategies which impact academic success and career pathways.
For further information about District 27, please visit their website at District27NYC.org